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Ever Worried about What is in your Food?

Take control of what you eat. Track calories and breakdown ingredients with fScan.

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Say No More to Unhealthy Food

Our goal is to bring tansparency to the food industry and providing valuable and much-needed information readily available at your fingertips to make better informed choices and promote healthy living.

We are bringing you a completely free app that allows you to scan / search your food products and obtain the nutritional values in it.

Amazing Benefits of fScan

Easy to use, convenient and suitable for all age groups, our food scan app is equipped with benefits to keep you healthy.

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Scan your food

With just a few clicks, you can scan unlimited number of food based on your diet with our advanced scan and get instant detailed overview on your scan.

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Track your Diet

With just a single click, you can now track your calories and nutrients and maintain a healthy living, making you enjoy your favorite foods without feeling guilty.

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Eat Healthy and More

With your allergens in mind, we are not just bringing the option of scanning your food, but also giving you essential healtier choices base on your allergens.

How fScan works

With this few steps, you can enjoy your food without wondering what is in it.

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Get accurate and detailed review with ease

Find out what is in your food with just glance using our app.

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Log your meals in seconds with our advanced image recognition

You can also scan food from your gallery and get instant overview.

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Get the result of your scan in seconds

With a click, instantly you will get result of calories, macros and micronutrients in seconds.

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Save your scanned activities and keep track of your goals

Our food diary helps you understand your eating habits, making you achieve a healthy goal.

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Other Benefits

  • It is FREE
  • Make better choices on your diet
  • Know what you can actually consume
  • Visualizing is energizing

Create your own health journey

fScan figures out the foods in the picture, letting you track calories and nutrients without the hassle of entering items by hand. Whether you're trying to lose weight, eat more healthily, or just want more insight into your diet, fScan got all it take to make it possible.

To help you reach your health goals and customize your health journey, you can now add your favorites food scans to your diary to keep track of your daily intake.

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With our customer at heart, we are making sure our app is easy to navigate, helping you achieve your goals easier and faster.